Body of missing man found afloat

The victim’s body found afloat near Kampung Temelan, Batang Lupar river, about 8km from the control post this afternoon.

SRI AMAN: The body of a man reported to have gone missing while fishing near Rumah Francis Kaong, Nanga Skrang last Sunday, was found by the public today.

Betong fire chief Vincent Baling Yabi revealed that the victim identified as Taid Jepit, 61, was found afloat at 12.35pm near Kampung Temelan, Batang Lupar.

Search and rescue (SAR) personnel when alerted on the finding, rushed to the scene to retrieve the body, which was found about 8km from the control post.

“The body was brought to the jetty in Sri Aman and according to the police, the victim suffered two broken legs.

“The body was later handed over to the police for further actions,” he said.

Earlier, the victim was said to have gone fishing alone at 3.15pm last Sunday. Some witnesses said they saw the man diving into the water to retrieve his hook that was stuck to something in the middle of the river. That was when he disappeared.

The search operation involving the police, Civil Defence Force (APM) and villagers, was called off at 1.15pm.