Bridging the gap between industry players and students

Pianist Jolynn J Chin returns with a virtual academy to help young and passionate musicians achieve their goals by learning from renowned and experienced instructors.

Achieving one’s goals is not easy, especially for a musician in this vast industry. Understanding the challenges and barriers, pianist Jolynn J Chin launches her virtual academy — JJC Academy — to help those who are passionate about music. 

Renowned pianist Jolynn J. Chin has gone a long way since she first tried her hand at the instrument. Jolynn has been a dedicated musician since she was a child, and has performed on numerous prestigious stages. Among the many, the 26-year-old has performed during the Kuching Waterfront Jazz Festival 2017 and popular TV show America’s Got Talent 2021. In between, she has released several extended plays and an album, ‘Beyond Classical’. 

In 2020, Jolynn’s album was considered for the 62nd Grammy Awards under the Best Contemporary Instrumental Album category. Jolynn hopes that her accomplishments will provide opportunities and opportunities to her fellow musicians.

Recently, the virtuoso launched the JJC Academy, intending to help young and passionate musicians learn in-depth about the industry. “With the chance to study with renowned instructors, students can be one step closer to achieving their dreams, as well as creating a brighter future for the music industry in Sarawak.”

As an experienced pianist in the industry, Jolynn disclosed that she has always wanted to share her knowledge in the industry to help young aspiring artistes and musicians. “All the hardships and struggles that I went through myself to get to where I am today did not come easy. I was without a proper path and guidelines. I do not want anyone to go through the same struggles to get to where they need to.” Among the many challenges, Jolynn revealed that financial struggles were the ones that etched themselves in her mind the most.

“The opportunity to study with renowned instructors that have worked with established international acts does not come easily. Back then, you need to have the financial capability to afford flight tickets and logistics, to find your way in and out of other countries, and to meet the right people in the industry.” Thus, through JJC Academy, she hopes that many will be able to benefit from it. 

JJC Academy offers the platform to learn via online courses and one-to-one lessons, to bridge the gap between industry people and students.

Through JJC Academy, students will get to learn from the following:

  • Yoad Nevo, a multi-platinum producer known for his work with Ed Sheeran, SIA, and Pet Shop Boys, teaches mixing.
  • Maor Appelbaum, a gold and platinum mastering engineer for bands like SEPULTURA and Bryan Adams, teaches mastering
  • Lilly V., a vocal touring artist from Cuba, teaches vocal performance and artist development
  • Jay Jackson, touring drummer and producer of NU Classic Music, teaches drum and music business

Effective learning through remote methods

As the pandemic has proven, students and teachers can learn and communicate remotely through the internet. With such capabilities, Jolynn, through JJC Academy uses them to their advantage to outweigh the challenges.

Disclosing further, Jolynn said she often questioned her team, friends, and family on how she could ensure effective learning through this platform. “The lockdown years has validated my opinion about online learning. I wanted to start my own online masterclass around the end of 2019, as it has been shown to be a method that is preferred more, especially with young adults and teens these days.”

She also said that being able to provide the opportunity for students to learn anywhere at any time with any instructor around the world is a privilege of technology. 

Through JJC Academy, students can get one-to-one lessons and video courses that are taught with a multi-camera feed to ensure a clearer view of the lesson. “We also have direct audio channelling, from the microphones we use, instruments, and audio output from production, which ensures the best audio quality experience.”

Noticeable growth in the local industry

Though Jolynn has spent much time outside of Malaysia, she is glad to hear that local venues and artistes are creating weekly jams, gigs, and events in collaboration with other creatives. As a musician herself, this element is important to oversee the development of the local music industry.

“It adds a great improvement in the internal sense of the artistes community back home. It would definitely be a hope of mine to have local radio stations play more of the local Sarawakian artistes’ music,” added the pianist. 

She also said that doing so will help aspiring musicians earn a good income for every time their single is played on the radio. “A great cycle, for the improvement and development of the music industry in Sarawak altogether.”

Jolynn never stops playing music on her piano, whether she’s working on her academy or mixing her next single.To listen to more of her playing, do visit her Instagram at @jolynnjchin. For further information on JJC Academy, everything you need to know is on the website at

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