Climbing for Pak Jemat’s ayam pansuh

Pak Jemat mixing the chicken with other ingredients.


BAU: To get a taste of arguably the best ayam pansuh (chicken cooked in bamboo), one must negotiate over 400 steps up Bung Jagoi (Jagoi Hill) here.

Ayam pansuh is a hugely popular Bidayuh traditional delicacy and in Jagoi, many have trekked up the hill to satisfy their cravings.

Pak Jemat’s ayam pansuh is both aromatic and flavourful, and takes some meticulous work to prepare.

The marinated chicken is put into the bamboo.

He selects and cuts the bamboo carefully before stuffing in the chicken meat.

The bamboo is cooked over open fire just like another traditional favourite of many, the lemang (glutinous rice).

The ingredients used to make ayam pansuh are chicken meat, ginger, lemongrass, garlic, salt, torch ginger flowers and tapioca leaves.

To enhance the aroma, kampung (free range) chicken is recommended to bring out the sweetness of the meat.

Ayam pansuh is cooked in a traditional way ̶ over wood fire.

Without using any cooking oil or water, the chicken is marinated for about half an hour before being placed in the bamboo.

The opening of the bamboo is covered with tapioca leaves before it is placed over the wood fire.

Ayam pansuh is truly a delicacy not to be missed.