Constant re-skilling, up-skilling required

The graduands of Technology College Sarawak, Kuching.

KUCHING: Fresh graduates have been urged to be more open and eager to learn new skills.

Education, Science and Technological Research Ministry’s deputy permanent secretary Dr Abdul Rahman Deen said fresh graduates needed to be re-skilled and up-skilled constantly according to the requirements of whatever industries they happened to be in.

“When you enter the real world… performing a real job, you will realise that what you have learnt in university is just a starting point because learning is a lifelong process,” he said during the 16th convocation of Technology College Sarawak (TCS) at Riverside Majestic Hotel, yesterday.

With the emergence of digital world, Abdul Rahman said graduates should be proactive in taking up opportunities to acquire new skills and digital knowledge.

“Graduation does not mean that you can close your books and forget about examinations. The reality is that you need to learn new things on your own. The IoT (Internet of Things) enables us to learn new things on our own. What you have learned in university is a strong foundation for you to grow in future,” he said.

Abdul Rahman Deen speaks at the 16th convocation of TCS.

Sharing his 44-year personal working experience, Abdul Rahman said adaptability and flexibility were essential in order to remain relevant in the labour market.

“You have to be a continuous learner. In working life, you must learn from your seniors, colleagues and even your competitors. Always look for an opportunity to learn,” he said.

Besides encouraging graduates to take the initiative to get additional certifications relevant to the Industrial Revolution (IR4.0), he advised them not to waste time.

“The state government offers many courses to motivate our millennials to grow and upscale their knowledge,” he said.

He also stressed that reading was critical in shaping an individual’s progress towards self-awareness.

“This (the graduation) is just a beginning. To move forward in your careers, what you need is more perseverance. Read a lot because reading can enrich you,” he said.