DAP taken to task for encouraging people to be ungrateful

Datuk Sim Kiang Chiok

KUCHING: Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Stakan branch has taken Democratic Action Party (DAP) to task for encouraging the public to be ungrateful towards those who have helped them.

“DAP seems to be suggesting that all good deeds are God given and don’t need to be reciprocated.

“SUPP Stakan branch is surprised that DAP still believes that the people will accept their views that their YBs or elected representatives do not need to do service towards the people who have elected them.

“DAP had the cheek to insinuate that the people who voted for them don’t want any help and only require them to oppose anything the government does for the sake of opposing,” said SUPP Stakan branch chairman Datuk Sim Kiang Chiok.

He added that DAP had shown their true colours when they were in the federal government for 22 months, pandering to their West Malaysian bosses and not keeping to their promises.

“Among their failed promises were 20 percent oil and gas royalties for Sarawak, national recognition for the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), RM 2,000 for every Sarawakians annually and the return of our autonomous rights as per the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63).

“All these and more showed their poor ability to run any government be it the state or federal,” he said.

Sim opined that as DAP gained support and votes by keeping their voters dissatisfied and angry against the government of the day, and therefore it was not in their interest to see their voters’ problems and complaints resolved.

“We urge everyone to compare the areas that are controlled by DAP versus the areas under the care of Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS).

“There are much better services and improvements in the areas under GPS as compared to the opposition areas, which suffered from lack of meaningful developments.

“Most developments done in DAP-held constituencies are by default because GPS still developed these areas despite not getting the votes.

“In SUPP, we stick to the belief that peoples’ problems are our business and service is our mantra and while we have been taken for granted before, we are sure that the people have been watching and they will reciprocate our dedication to service by voting for GPS in the coming state election (PRN12),” Sim said.