Duo survive forest ordeal on midin
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MATU: Two friends survived a four-day ordeal in the forest eating midin (jungle ferns) and forest plants before finding their way out and rescued by villagers on Thursday (March 10).

The experience is one which Mohamad Kael Abdullah, 30, and his pal, Nazif Qabil Muhimin, 15, will always remember.

They were reported missing while searching for asam paya (Eleiodoxa Conferta) since last Sunday (March 6).

Matu District Civil Defence Officer Lt (PA) Jumaat Akasas said the two were found two kilometres away from the spot which they entered the forest.

“They were found alongside the road at Kampung Bawang-Jemerong approximately around 7.45pm by the villagers who happened to be on their way to Daro,” he said when contacted.

Both victims claimed that they entered roughly two kilometres into the forest from the main road of Jemoreng Bawang and later headed to the right of Jalan Passin Kemoreng.

Jumaat said he was informed by both victims that they survived on midin and started bonfires in the hope that rescue teams could detect their position.

“They also said they heard recitation of azan prayers and firecrackers. In fact, on the first day, the sound of a chainsaw could be heard but it was too far away” he said.

Their disappearance was reported to the Daro police station before a search and rescue (SAR) operation was initiated the next day.

Jumaat thanked the villagers and rescue team members for participating in this SAR operation.

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