Muhd Fahrin Firdaus, 11 years old.

By Naziry Harizan

KUCHNG: A boy is believed to have gone missing after his family members failed to track him at Taman Serapi, Jalan Sungai Tengah, Jalan Matang since Nov 6.

Muhd Fahrin Firdaus, 11 years old.

The 11-year-old Muhd Fahrin Firdaus did not return home after passing a letter to his brother at the Al-Taqwa Mosque on the said date.

His mother, Jaiton Jalani, 46, revealed that a police report had been made following safety concerns after her son failed to provide any information since his disappearance.

“According to his brother, Muhd Fahrin had given him a letter at the mosque before heading towards a green vehicle in front of the mosque.

“The letter stated that he wanted to start a new life and search for a job with his friends, and did not want me to make a police report,” she added when contacted yesterday.

In the meantime, the victim’s family has been searching for him in Kuching.

Those with any information about the victim are urged to report it at the nearest police station or contact the victim’s mother at 013-8296769.