Firefighters working hard to stop the fires from spreading.

MIRI: Firefighters from Brunei and Sarawak were working hard yesterday to extinguish a fire along the border of both countries.

Yesterday, the fire was reported to have spread to Borneo Agro Plantation Industrial Field in Kuala Baram.

The smoke from the burning spreading across the sky.

As a result, the peat field there began to burn.

Yesterday, the Brunei firefighters used the water bombing method to put out the fires in Brunei while the seven-member Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) team from the Lopeng station led by Senior Fire Officer II Ahmar Firdaus Ithin used the direct attack technique.

The Bomba operation commander reported that about 120 hectares of the peat field were affected by the fire.

The Bomba team and 15 Borneo Agro employees, it is learned, had managed to put out approximately 10 acres of the burnt land.

A bulldozer is used to execute the fire break technique.
The gap which was made to stop the fires from spreading.
The fire break technique to stop the fires yesterday.

The team, assisted by two bulldozers from Borneo Agro, also used the fire break technique to stop the fire from spreading.

To the south, the firefighters in the state were putting out the fires using the fire break technique.

People trying to put out the fires.
Firefighters using a drone to check the direction of the fires.
Firefighters working hard to stop the fires from spreading.
Dense haze from the smoke of the burning bushes.
A firefighter is seen tossing a water hose to the people across the small stream.
Resilient firefighters keep dousing down the fires.
All effort made to keep the flames from spreading.