Further your studies at Swinburne Sarawak


Further your studies at Swinburne Sarawak

The Sarawak Foundation (Yayasan Sarawak) is ready to grant scholarships or education loans to Sarawakian students accepted to the Swinburne Universit

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The Sarawak Foundation (Yayasan Sarawak) is ready to grant scholarships or education loans to Sarawakian students accepted to the Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus in Kuching (Swinburne Sarawak).

Swinburne University of Technology’s international branch campus in Melbourne, Australia, offers affordable, globally recognised industry-relevant courses.

The university is defined and inspired by technology and innovation, and it offers courses in business, computer, design, engineering, and science for all levels of study. Its vision is for people and technology to collaborate for a better world.

Swinburne is making significant progress in this area by focusing on and investing in a path of global difference known as the Swinburne Moonshots.

Swinburne University’s 2025 Strategic Plan includes moonshots, which chart a bold course for the university to build on its legacy as a leader in technology, innovation, and industry engagement.

These will be accomplished by ensuring that every Swinburne learner receives work experience during their undergraduate course, blurring the lines between study and work; that every Swinburne graduate obtains employment; that every Swinburne partner receives tech solutions that draw on the university’s intellectual assets and workforce upskilling; and that the university becomes the standard for global best practise by creating the systems, processes, and structures that a great university should have.

As a branch campus, Swinburne Sarawak’s curriculum and exams are aligned with the learning outcomes of its Melbourne campus, supporting in the achievement of its moonshots.

It offers Sarawakians the best opportunity to get an international degree at a third of the cost of studying in Australia as its students receive the same qualification as their Australian counterparts.

Swinburne Sarawak also collaborates with Yayasan Sarawak by offering the BP40 Bursary Scheme to Sarawakian bumiputera students.

The bursary allows students to enrol in their desired foundation, diploma, or degree programmes while paying tuition fees comparable to those at Malaysian public universities (IPTA).

Recipients of BP40 will be eligible to apply for a loan from the foundation to cover for the remaining fees as well as an RM4,000 annual allowance for the duration of their studies.

Additionally, graduates who continue to maintain good grades after graduation will be eligible for a loan reduction of up to 75 per cent under this scheme.

In addition to the BP40 bursary, top-performing students enrolled in an undergraduate programme may be eligible for a full fee waiver through the Pro-Chancellor Excellence Full Scholarship.

Students who don’t qualify for the Pro-Chancellor Excellence Full Scholarship can still submit an application for one of the university’s other scholarships or bursaries.

To qualify for this full scholarship, you must have either 4 As in your STPM/A Level, 7 As in your UEC (Unified Examination Certificate), or a CGPA of 4.00 in your Swinburne Foundation Studies.

Swinburne Sarawak, a 5-Star-rated institution of higher learning by the Ministry of Higher Education’s Rating for Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia (SETARA), is in the final stages of a RM50 million campus redevelopment project that will improve the institution’s research, teaching, and student learning.

With a flexible and innovative teaching and learning culture, this redevelopment will better prepare its graduates for the future of work.

Students from Sarawak who have been accepted to Swinburne Sarawak can apply online for an education loan at www.yaysansarawak.org.my (Online Services > Online Application).

Students with inquiries about the Education Scholarship-Loan can contact the Education Loan Section WhatsApp Helpline at 019-8151686 (Student Loan/Education) or by email at ys@yayasansarawak.org.my.

Sarawakian students may also apply for the Sarawak Foundation Tun Taib Scholarship, Sarawak Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship Foundation (YBSTAR) and the BP40 Bursary Scheme (limited to 100 students only).

The YBSTAR and Sarawak Foundation Tun Taib Scholarships can be applied online at www.yayasansarawak.org.my (Online Services > Online Application), whereas the BP40 Bursary Scheme is managed by the university.

Email ys@yayasansarawak.org.my or phone 082-441675 to inquire about scholarships.