Getting to know homelessness in Simanggang

Datuk Francis Harden Hollis conducts the meeting during a working visit.

SIMANGGANG: Homelessness was discussed during a working visit to the Sri Aman social welfare department office (JKMB) yesterday (Mar 22).

Community Wellbeing Assistant Minister Datuk Francis Harden Hollis said the matter was given emphasis as there were records during the movement control order (MCO) which was implemented in Mar 18 last year.

“The working visit is to find out the latest status and follow-up actions taken by JKMB Sri Aman to those who are defined as homeless. This is related to the perception of homeless tariffs in legal terms.

“We want to see Simanggang to be free from homelessness because it is our aspiration through social welfare department (JKM) to ensure that people who are neglected receive attention and help.

“This is to ensure that they can endure life even if just a little because they have the rights as well,” said Simanggang assemblyman.

The purpose of the visit also included understanding the operations and functions of each unit more clearly.

Among the units that were given the opportunity to present were Disaster Relief Unit, Enforcement Unit and Child Protection, Welfare Assistance Unit, Voluntary Community Development Unit, Social Support Services for People with Disabilities (OKU) Unit, Social Support Services for Senior Citizens Unit as well as entrepreneurship and Marketing Project Development Unit.

During the visit, Harden was also briefed about JKMB Sri Aman’s whole operations by social welfare officer Vivian Engkionong as well as the comprehensive roles of JKMB and branch offices in Lubok Antu.