Go for testing if you were at this wedding

Samarahan Health Clinic’s notice urging individuals who attended the wedding at Kampung Binyu Lama to be tested for Covid-19.

KUCHING:  Samarahan Health Clinic is urging those who attended a wedding at Kampung Binyu Lama from Mar 21 to 22 to be tested for Covid-19 immediately.

It said Covid-19 screenings would be conducted at three respective clinics, namely Kota Samarahan Clinic, Asajaya Health Clinic and Sadong Jaya Health Clinic Monday (April 5) from 9am to noon.

For further enquiries, contact the hotline at 082-672101.

The notice was made following the emergence of a new Covid-19 cluster named the Kampung Binyu Cluster on April 3.

This cluster is a community cluster that involved a wedding in Kampung Binyu, Jalan Tanjung Bako, in Kuching district here.

As of April 3, of the 231 individuals who were screened, 68 tested positive for the virus including the index case while 231 were negative for the first swabs.