Govt assistance for fire victims

KAPIT : State Assemblyman for  Bukit Goram, Jefferson Jamit Unyat  officiated at the presentation of government assistance for the Rumah Messop fire victims and two other fire victims whose houses were razed by fire in May this year.

The simple presentation ceremony was held at the conference room of the State Office Complex here recently.

The fire victims of Rumah Messop Tawi   comprised 17 families; they received government assistance amounting to RM119,450 for the purchase of building materials, school uniforms and equipment, clothing, food items and pocket money.

The 17 families included the village headman, Tuai Rumah Messop Anak Tawi, Pagang Anak Ungga, Manggang Anak Pagang, Jalin Anak Lingga, Layang Anak Dibit, Kumbang Anak Entering, Radin, Kato Anak Deng, Mebang Anak Entering, Edward Jewel Anak Sempurai, Jubut Anak Ngalang, Mulok Anak Tawi, Johnson Anak Ngalang, Timas Anak Tawi, Amon Anak Tawi, Enjap Anak Sentan and Blili @ Belili Anak China.

The 17-door   Rumah Messop Tawi at Ulu Sungai Entangai, a tributary of the Batang Rajang, was razed by an afternoon fire on 6 May, 2017.

Meanwhile, the two other separate fire victims were Bawang Anak Bujang and her brother, Siban Anak Bujang. Their houses, located at Sungai Pelajau along Jalan Bukit Goram, were razed by an afternoon fire on 22 May this year. They received a government assistance of RM16,800.00; Bawang received RM9150.00 while Siban received RM7650.00.