GPS will win big, predicts observer

Peter minos speaking to the press. Photo: Mohd Alif Noni

KUCHING: Political observer Datuk Peter Minos predicts that 80 percent of Sarawakian voters will cast their votes for the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) at the 12th state election.

He opined that Sarawakians would not allow the opposition to take over the government in the next election.

“On the young voters of 18 years old, GPS welcomes them. We all do. Some will vote for GPS, and some will go for the opposition.

“No guarantee that all will go for opposition. The young people can think. Do not underestimate them,” he said in a statement on Friday (Oct 15).

On when the state election will be held, Minos said it would be held 60 days after the emergency order ends on Feb 2 next year.

“Unless of course the emergency is extended for whatever reason, but not likely,” he said.

He believed that GPS would not want to hold the election before the emergency ended.

“If the Chief Minister and GPS want the election to be held before the emergency ends, there must be good and valid reasons to do so.

“It could be that the chief minister and GPS do not like to rule Sarawak on ‘borrowed’ mandate since the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) period expired last June.

“Or it could be that the chief minister strongly feels that Sarawakians genuinely and really want an early election, now that more than 88 percent of Sarawakians have been vaccinated and that Covid-19 cases have gradually reduced,” he said.

Minos also viewed that the oppositions and those not wanting an early election were because they were not ready and prepared.

“They want no election for a long time. It is their own fault for not preparing… They wasted time engaging in many funny, petty and silly things.

“Totally have no plan and idea of how to make Sarawak and its people better if victorious.

“So disorganised and saddled with endless internal problems, the opposition knows they have no chance at all to beat GPS and to form the next government using hot air and bluffing all the way. So now going ‘rouge’, out of spite and just messing things up,” said Minos.

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