‘Imrah Ramadan’ programme best for strengthening unity

SRI AMAN: The “Imarah Ramadan” programme is the best platform for strengthening the unity of the ummah to participate in various activities.

Sri Aman’s Ministry of Culture and Youth Cultural Tourism and Sports Affairs Ministry (MTACYS) officer Awang Mazelan Awang Majid said such a programme was the best platform for government agencies to foster closer ties with local communities as well as one of the sustainable strategies to improve the government’s delivery system to carry the people to a sustainable and quality development stage.

He also said that while participating in various Ramadan programmes, the community could also perform their charitable acts.

“I am very happy and grateful to be with the staff and residents here during a rite of Ramadan,” he said after attending the breaking of fast and Maghrib prayers, Isyak and Tarawih at the Surau Sri Aman Sports Complex, here yesterday.

He also hoped that the new surau built in the sports complex would be a platform for the Sri Aman MTACYS staff to improve their spirituality practice which he intends to make it as a place to study and listen to tazkirah from the elected representative.

According to Awang Mazelan, the community can also fulfill their obligations by giving charity and assistance to those in need.

“We also plan to make such a programme as an annual event,” he said.

Also present were the secretary-general of the Ministry of International Trade and eCommerce Sarawak Awang Putrayusrie Awang Redzuan and Sri Aman District Officer Mohd Ashree Wee.