The issuance of land titles under Section 6 and Section 18 must be done promptly because development is getting nearer to the villages.

John Ilus (GPS-Bukit Semuja) (pic) is worried because Bandar Serian, which is located in the centre of his constituency, is expanding outwards and getting nearer to the rural areas.

“Therefore, it is requested that surveying and granting of land titles either under Section 6 or Section 18 be made promptly by the relevant authorities,” he said while debating the State 2020 Budget.

He said villages along Jalan Serian Tebakang such as Kakai, Pasir, Tangga Mawang, Tangga Plaman, Pulau Tamba Cina, Sorak Melayu, Riih Mawang, Riih Daso, Tebakang Bidayuh and Tebakang Melayu are neighbours of the town’s expansion programme.

He called on the state
government to consider surveying land of folks of Kampung  Seroban, Slabi, Sorak and Koran, Rasau, Bedup, Belimbing as well as villages along Jalan Gedong such as Triboh, Remun, Lebor, Senyabah, Kuala and Merakai.

He said in the Bidayuh villages, Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) has taken its own initiatives to document their Native Customary Rights (NCR) land since 2007.

“To date, more than 100 villages have been documented and a list of more than 50 villages has been submitted to the Land and Survey Department for verification purposes and to be issued land titles.

“These villages have cleared all the boundary issues and disputes among themselves, therefore, it is appropriate for the government to speed up the issuance of land title under Section 18 of the State Land Code,” John said.