Job carnival offers 1,372 jobs

Awang Raduan (centre) congratulates a successful job applicant.

MUKAH: The Mini Job Carnival held here yesterday involved eight private sector companies offering 1,372 jobs.

Sarawak Labour Department director Awang Raduan Awang Omar said of the total, 225 vacancies were offered to degree holders and the balance (1,147) for non-degree holders.

He added besides Sarawak, private sectors from Semenanjung Malaysia also took part in the fifth edition carnival beginning 8am until 5pm.

“Registration of job seekers through online at JobsMalaysia portal and labour advice service was also included in the carnival,” he told a news conference after a walkabout at the carnival at Dewan Suarah Mesra here yesterday.

He revealed that as of July 2020, the targeted job placement was 7,500, while the total applicants that offered jobs were 2,666.

According to him, in 2018, there were four carnivals organised involving 32 employers, while the total job seekers were 7,102, and 733 (37.54 percent) of the applicants were offered employment.

Awang Raduan added this time the interview was conducted face-to-face and virtually using Zoom application. He revealed that 10 more similar programmes will be organised until October this year in Betong