KABONG: A local man was arrested on suspicion of being actively involved in selling online top-ups for illegal gambling activities.

Saratok district police chief DSP Mordani Tanin said an operation codenamed ‘Ops Dadu’ was carried out by a team from Saratok Crime Investigation Division (CID) around 3.50pm on Friday.

The team received information on the activity and proceeded to raid a premises near Kabong market.

“They arrested a 29-year-old man believed to be selling online gambling top-ups.

“Items used for illegal gambling, were seized by the police during inspection,” he said in a statement.

Items seized included a set of smart phone, two pieces of paper written with the online gambling IDs, a pen and some cash.

He pointed out that the man would be remanded to facilitate investigations under the Section 4(1)(c) of the Open Gaming House Act 1953.