Many things to worry about now


MUKAH: Drink seller Fabian Laberi is as worried as other Sarawakians over the increasing Covid-19 cases in the state in the past one week.

Yesterday (June 8), the cases increased to 707from 703 on Monday (June 7).

On June 6, there were 600 cases while on June 5, there were 651cases. On June 4, there were 706 cases while on June 3, 594 cases were reported. On June 2, the number of cases stood at 588 while on June 1, 703 cases were reported.

Fabian said he was not only worried about his own drink business, the Covid-19 pandemic, but also the state’s economy and life in general.

 He feared that the current movement control order (MCO) would be extended because of the increasing Covid-19 cases.

During these challenging times, he said it was vital for everyone to think positively.

“I try to keep calm and spend more time at home doing something beneficial like gardening, reading, writing and exercising,” he told New Sarawak Tribune yesterday (June 8).

Fabian, who is in his forties, also suggested that the people pray  to God and ask for mercy and blessings.