MBKS mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng giving his speech at the MBKS Innovation Week.

KUCHING: Kuching South City Council (MBKS) is aware of its responsibilities and duties, and is committed to meeting public expectations and to use various resources to ensure the best service.

Mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng said MBKS spent time, energy and money to improve facilities and services in areas under its jurisdiction, and this had received good feedback from the public.

“The public’s response has been a mixture of appreciation, praise and gratitude as well as some degrees of indifference,” said Wee at the MBKS Innovative Week at the MBKS building here today.

“Innovative is the in-thing in the world of business management, and administration of a local authority is no less a form of business management.

“I am confident that the new implementation of the quality initiatives will help the council to create a corporate culture that is conducive to drawing out the best in everyone.”

He also explained the initiatives would help MBKS management and staff develop a common understanding of quality and its principles, common language to communicate and prevent misunderstanding.

“As a long established organisation, we have the skills and talents to be the model council that others inspire to emulate – a local council that is committed to teamwork, integrity, sustainability, continuous improvement, professionalism and caring council.”

Wee stressed that MBKS needed to think outside the box to move forward and be able to try out something new and adapt to the new way of thinking.

“Strategic planning requires structures and resources to be aligned with goals so that the public service is positioned to respond to external challenges and future challenges.”