Milk thief actually drug addict with criminal record

MIRI: A recent case of a local man arrested for stealing baby formula milk from a store in Miri Times Square was not what it seemed as first reported by the media.

In light of recent public uproar especially among netizens who chastised the police for bringing the ‘poor man’ to justice, Miri District police chief ACP Hakemal Hawari revealed that the stolen milk was in fact adult formulae as opposed to what was reported by several news outlets.

“The suspect is a hardcore addict and has various criminal records including theft.

“The main purpose of the suspect stealing is not to feed his child, but to sell and use the money to buy drugs,” the top cop explained on Monday (Sept 13).

Hakemal advised the public not to speculate on the case which could lead to interference with the police investigation.

“We are asking those with more information to come forward to help with our investigation.

“I would also like to emphasise that stealing is against the law and that the trials and tribulations of life are not valid excuses to steal,” he said