National Unity Policy to preserve harmony, boost country’s development



KUALA LUMPUR: The National Unity Policy (DPN) which was launched yesterday has been seen as an important initiative to ensure that Malaysia will continue to enjoy racial harmony and socio-political stability, and at the same time, help boost the country’s development in various sectors.

Senior Fellow of the Council of National Professors Dr Jeniri Amir believed that the policy could strengthen unity and sense of togetherness among the people of various race, religion and culture, without leaving anyone behind.

“The National Unity Policy acts as an inclusive racial unification mechanism under the Federation’s umbrella. We have to always avoid divisions among the people while strengthening the unity and respecting each other,” he told Bernama.

Through his observation, Jeniri said there have been attempts by irresponsible parties to disrupt racial harmony in this country by playing up religious and cultural sensitivity on the new media platform.

Therefore, he said the National Unity Policy is the best way to address such problems while allowing every national aspiration to be implemented successfully.

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today launched the National Unity Policy to ensure that Malaysia remains a strong nation with unity at its core.

Based on the concept of “Unity in Diversity”, the policy outlines continuous efforts to nurture, strengthen and preserve the unity of the people.

The three main objectives of the policy are to strengthen unity and national integration based on the Federal Constitution and the Rukun Negara (National Philosophy); form a national identity with character, patriotism, the attitude of caring, tolerance, mutual respect and responsibility as well as producing Malaysians who appreciate and foster unity.

Meanwhile, a political analyst from University Sains Malaysia Prof Dr Sivamurugan Pandian opined that the launch of the policy was timely as the country was fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said the unity value was the agent needed to ensure the people from all background remain united despite facing the global crisis.

“In fact, during the pandemic, we have seen the unity value stands out and how the society shows their dependency on each other, such as between the frontliners and the community, regardless of their background. Volunteers, doctors and the generous people have worked together (in combatting Covid-19) until today.

“We have to look at the policy’s achievement continuously and not seasonally so that suitable measures or approaches can be taken and in turn, achieve a great level of unity by 2030,” he said.

In expressing hope that the National Unity Policy achieves its objectives, trustee of the Malaysia Unity Foundation Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said the leading-by-example concept should be the guideline for community and political leaders in upholding the policy.

He said the people would be more enthusiastic and would participate in any national missions if the leaders could accentuate their mature side in fighting for unity.

“On the implementation aspect, I hope the policy can be carried out with integrity so that it could bring about positive impacts on the people in the country who will indirectly work together to create unity,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kepong Member of Parliament Lim Lip Eng urged Muhyiddin to introduce specific acts to address racial and religious discrimination, such as to enact the Religious and Racial Hatred Act and Anti-Discrimination Act.

“The same question I had also asked in Parliament during Pakatan Harapan administration, and again in August last year if Perikatan Nasional (PN) would be prepared to enact these laws,” he said.

Bersatu Supreme Leadership Council member Dr Muhammad Faiz Na’aman in a statement also said that the launch of the National Unity Policy was timely as elements of racism, statehood and religion could also become a ‘cancer’ in some parts of the society.

Therefore, he urged the people from all walks of life, as well as all political parties to give their full support in the effort to create national unity. – Bernama

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