No right turn: Many drivers still non-compliant

SOME cones arranged as road divider at the junction of Jalan Setia Raja and Pinang in Mukah.

MUKAH: The placing of the mini cones to function as road divider at the junction of Jalan Setia Raja and Jalan Pinang Mukah in Mukah has been considered as a wise move.

That proactive measure undertaken by the local authority has one way or another prevented the stubborn road users from Jalan Pinang to make the `turn right’ there. All this while, a road sign stating no `turn right’ was erected strategically at the junction, but it failed to deter these certain groups of `lawless and carefree’ drivers. Hence, since the existence of the road divider placed by Dalat/Mukah District Council(MDDM) for the last few days such unhealthy driving habit was dealt a serious blow leading to its decrease.

However, it was learnt that despite the presence of such divider, some still failed to comply and many forced themselves to turn right to avoid an extra 100 metres of travelling to the next street. “It is like providing the first class facility to the` lowest’ class mentality who never appreciates the effort meant for the benefit of all.

The act of illegal right turn at the junction would not only cause an adverse effect on other road users in the area but above all their safety. So, I think the authority should add another two or three cone-like dividers there.

Yesterday, I saw one vehicle forcing itself to turn right by making a dangerous `u-turn’. If this kind of unhealthy practice on the parts of the local drivers were to prevail, it would definitely affect the inspiration of turning Mukah into a Smart City in the very near future because the residents of any urban centre should also be smart, be considerate and law abiding citizen,” disclosed a road user who preferred anonymity.