Organisations need to be active at all time

Razi (third left) with other guests at the inauguration of KSRTB.

PUSA: Clubs and associations in Saribas are advised to always be ‘alive’ or active by having networks with outside parties to ensure it will have strong funding support.

Saribas assemblyman Mohammad Razi Sitam also said the existing non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are to be active at all times.

“Get rid of the ‘hangat-hangat tahi ayam’ (not persistent on doing something) nature. Instead, take the initiative given by the government, as well as maintain connections with outsiders so that every club or association can easily get attention.

“In fact, it makes it easier for you all to get funds,” he said when officiating at the ceremony of the new Tuie Recreational Sports Club (KSRTB) at Abang Matassim Hall, Kampung Tuie on Sunday (Dec 27).

Razi said that a club should not rely on a single source for funds.

“If a club has a lot of networks with companies, government bodies, other NGOs and so on, then the club is considered active and excellent.

“This shows that the club has good relationship with the local community in the area,” he said.

Meanwhile, Razi congratulated the seriousness and commitment of the people to create KSRTB.

“I hope this club can be a platform for the residents of Kampung Tuie to succeed in any programme that involves all walks of life.

“The club is lucky to be in the village with Merawi Ais, the former director of Youth and Sports Sarawak, who is now the Penghulu of Kampung Tuie.

“I am confident that his vast experience can guide the young people to move KSRTB to be in line with the needs and desires of today’s youth,” he added.

KSRTB has been registered with the Youth and Sports Club Organisation five months ago and is currently led by Mohammad Tini.

On the other note, Razi also handed over a contribution of RM10,000 to repair the hall.

Also present were a member of Betong District Council, Suib Paiee and Ketua Kampung (village chief) Mustapha Brahim.