Pandemic should be the common enemy

Bernama file-photo of frontliners attending to a Covid-19 patient.

BETONG: The people are disgusted with the antics of a handful of politicians who are seen to prioritise the issue of change in the federal ruling coalition and the struggle for the prime minister’s post while the country is still facing an unprecedented health threat from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many feel that the politicians concerned should set their political interests aside first and consolidate their efforts in fighting the virus.

The recent Sabah state election should be a clear lesson as it had to a certain extent resulted in a drastic increase in the number of positive cases nationwide.

The responsibility of liberating the country from the pandemic should come first.


Sahariya Tahot

The question of who should lead the country must not arise now. Instead, politicians from both sides must unite to resolve Covid-19.


Fazirul Hisyam

The political players should not be too power-greedy. People look at the current political turmoil, created by them, as a way to empower themselves and not at all for benefit of the people. I hope it would not lead to a repeat of what’s happening in Sabah. The country’s new economic sector is just about to recover but should there be a change of government or jostling of the prime minister’s post, it would surely crumble.


Dayang Fadzilah Abang Ahmad Sharkawi

For now, politics should be put on the back burner. Everyone, politicians included, should assist Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in tackling the threats posed by Covid-19. The leaders and their supporters should not politicise everything.


Henry Jugah

Any move to challenge the current political status quo amid the country facing a third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic would only tarnish Malaysia’s image at the world stage. As an ordinary citizen, I only wish to see the political crisis amicably resolved but not while we are still facing the threats of Covid-19.


Abang Suhordie Abang Zaini

All politicians, even those with the opposing camp, must be willing to assist in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic. Don’t let our country fall into ruin just to achieve your personal goals.