Power supply to longhouses underway

Datuk Liwan Lagang

ELECTRICITY supply projects for two longhouses at Menuang, Lingga, Sri Aman are currently under implementation through the Rural Electrification Scheme (RES) Last Mile Phase 2, said Rural Electricity Assistant Minister Datuk Liwan Lagang.

He said this in response to Datuk Mong Dagang (PRS-Bukit Begunan) who asked whether the RES will be implemented to longhouses in need.

“For longhouses in Semulong Hulu and Semulong Ili in Lingga, as well as three longhouses at Kubau in Pantu, they are listed under RES Last Mile Phase 3, scheduled for award in December.

“As for Langgir in Lingga and for two longhouses at Engkerepok, they will be supplied under the ongoing Sarawak Alternative Rural Electrification Scheme (Sares) Phase 5B Solar project,” he said.

He added that Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) is a credible government whereby it will not cancel or differ on any project which has been approved.

“The electricity supply to longhouses under the RES Last Mile Phase 2 and the Sares Phase 5B Solar project are scheduled for completion by the first quarter of next year.

“As for the RES Last Mile Phase 3, it is expected to complete by the last quarter of next year,” he said.


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