Public members save room in fire

The condition of the room after being destroyed by fire.

KUCHING: Some members of the public managed to save a room from being totally razed.

They succeeded in extinguishing the fire from razing a room at Kampung Rampangi on Saturday (Sept 19) – thereby saving firemen the trouble.

According to a statement by Sarawak Bomba Operations Centre, a distress call was received at 2.50pm whereby a team of firefighters and emergency medical rescue services (EMRS) from Petra Jaya Fire station were despatched to the scene.

“Upon arrival, the operation commander PBK II Awang Affendi reported that the fire only involved a room and had been extinguished using water by the general public at the scene.

“The burning area is 10×10 square feet and the fire only destroyed 10 percent of the area,” it said in a statement.

It added that the Bomba team only conducted thorough inspection on the area to ensure that the fire was fully extinguished.

“After ensuring that the situation was safe and under control, the team returned to the fire station,” the statement added.