Huang (left) visiting the Jesus is Lord Church project site to see the level of its construction progress.

SARIKEI: Repok Assemblyman Datuk Seri Huang Tiong Sii has allocated a total of RM300,000 under the Rural Transformation Project (RTP) grant to two churches in his constituency.

Of the total, RM200,000 was given to Jesus is Lord Church while RM100,000 was allocated to Ter Ong Church.

A pious rep himself, Huang is very concerned about religious development and as such he does his best to give help to people needing his assistance.

Huang said the Jesus Is Lord construction project is estimated to be worth more than RM3 million and it is now in progress. A spokesperson from the church told New Sarawak Tribune yesterday that the basic facilities had been greatly upgraded by Huang since he was elected as the people’s representative.

 “We are very grateful to Huang for willing to meet with us in understanding and solving the problems that we face,” said a spokesman for Jesus is Lord Church.