RM480,000 to promote maritime studies in Sarawak and Sabah  

SIBU: The Federal Marine Department of Malaysia has allocated a scholarship fund of RM480,000 to Sarawak and Sabah Shipowners Association (SSSA) to promote maritime studies.
According to SSSA, many seafarers from Sarawak are facing financial difficulties in undertaking maritime studies.
“Fortunately, the scholarship fund allocated by the federal government will benefit them.
“During the SSSA committee meeting held on April 12, 2019, the association members collectively agreed to give Sarawak Maritime Academy the authority to administer interested applicants through appropriate screening in order to fulfil its terms and conditions,” it explained.

The Federal Marine Department of Malaysia, however, wants all successful applicants after they graduate from maritime studies to work on vessels carrying the Malaysian flag.
The SSSA chairman said he looked forward to positive feedback towards the programme and hoped it would lead to the  development of more Sarawak and Sabah seafarers and substantial growth in the Sarawak shipping community.
For more details, contact Sarawak Maritime Academy, Sibu at tel no: 084-216799.