Sarawak looking to extend fibre optic coverage to central region

Jafer (second left) presenting a memento to Masing after the briefing.

KUCHING: The Sarawak government is looking into the possibility of extending the fibre optic cable network to the central region.

Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri James Jemut Masing said a request had been made to TM Sarawak to further its fibre optic cable deployment work to Baleh Dam.

He said this was necessary to ensure surveillance of the Sarawak-Kalimantan border near Baleh Dam.

“We requested TM Sarawak to look into expanding fiberisation work in Bukit Mabong District.

“In fact, the fibre optic should even be extended all the way, not only for communication purposes but also to facilitate security efforts in guarding one of our gems, the Baleh Dam,” Masing said on Monday (March 8).

Masing also said places like Kapit, Kanowit, Song, Sungai Asap and Belaga were in dire need of better Internet connectivity and telecommunication coverage.

“We want to ensure that folks in rural areas are able to access information, conduct economic activities and online banking transactions, attend online classes and stay in touch with the world, just like those in towns and cities.”

Meanwhile, TM Sarawak said better Internet connection and coverage would be available soon along the Coastal Road Network (CRN) and the Second Trunk Road (STR) from Kanowit to Kapit.

Its general manager Jafer Sadig Abdul Lathiff said while works were already underway, the pandemic had precipitated the urgency of the Jendela initiative.

“Some of the challenges that we faced during the process include narrow road shoulders, soil erosion and delays in road construction in certain parts.”

The Jendela programme would provide better connectivity and services for 680 subscribers in Kapit, 120 in Song and 140 in Belaga.

“Our main aim is to ensure a future-proof communication infrastructure that can provide fibre technology to customers in the areas.

“The Coastal and Second Trunk Road Network has made the installation of poles for overhead fibre optic cables possible.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the state government for the road network.”