Sarawak motifs inspire young artist

Hilton Moore Mission, 35, Art Design

KUCHING: Sarawakian, Hilton Moore Mission’s aspiration to venture into business came with his involvement in handicraft making at a young age.

The 35-year-old who is a former flight attendant is currently a full-time artist whilst waiting to report for duty as an information officer at Communications Department in Telang Usan, Miri.

He said he started his business just shy of one month after his first debut participating in the Borneo Native Festival at Pasar Seni, Kuala Lumpur which was organised by Persatuan Sukanseni.

Sharing how he was surprised that his works received positive feedback from the public, he said most of his customers were attracted to the Sarawak motifs incorporated in his crafts.

“I am currently running craft painting based on Sarawak’s unique motifs such as carvings, masks and pua kumbu among others.

“In fact, I named my brand ‘Petupieng’ which is from the Melanau language meaning mask as it is the basis of my craft.

“I am interested in the mystical and unique art of Sarawak mask carving,” he told New Sarawak Tribune.

Hilton said that he uses canvas for his craft because of practicality, adding that the material can withstand durable acrylic paint and vibrant color tones.

He utilises social media to promote and sell his crafts online which has also received positive responses.

“I often get inspiration from the Borneo Cultures Museum and Sarawak Cultural Village as many rare and precious motifs and carvings are on display there. I draw and color all of my crafts by myself,” he said.

Using the same materials to create other art products, he said he focuses on quality and creativity during the creation process instead of quantity.

“The idea of doing a Sarawak pattern painting on the canvas bags came to mind when I was interested to see the pua kumbu weaving produced by Bangie Embol while visiting the Borneo Cultural Museum.

“I want to make this art I produce a “mobile museum artwork” that is to display historical items on used bags. In this canvas bag drawing I also made one for each design, that is, I do not repeat the same pattern so that it can give special/exclusive value to the owner of the bag I produce.

“I will do sketching with a 2B pencil first and for coloring, I use durable, water-resistant acrylic colors and brighter color tones,” he explained.

Despite the many competitors in the art industry and mark, he believes that artists like himself must have confidence that they will be able to generate income to support their livelihood.

He said art crafts and products are in high demand as customers are willing to purchase them.

“The existence of other artists or competitors does not dampen my enthusiasm to pursue a passion. I believe that everyone should in fact support one another and compete in a healthy as well as positive manner,” he said.

For those who are interested to purchase or view, he can be reached on WhatsApp at 0135713203 or Instagram (HM.Mission) and Facebook (Hilton M.Mission).

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