Selfish ferry users to blame

Among the complaints of coastal road users uploaded on social media during times of extreme congestion and line-cutting.

PUSA: The issue of congestion at the ferry base on Pusa’s side worsens when there are selfish users who deliberately cut the line, creating dissatisfaction among other users.

Beting Maro assemblyman Razaili Gapor said that this was a hot issue and it occurred in situations of extreme congestion.

Razaili Gapor

He stressed that the matter should be viewed seriously by the responsible parties.

“Currently, there are two entry lanes to the ferry from the direction of Pusa. Both can be used, but when there is extreme congestion, users should only use one main lane to ensure that line-cutting does not occur. This will prevent angering and frustrating other users.

“In this situation, tolerance is very important,” he said at a meeting session with government agencies and community leaders on Saturday.

At the same time, he urged relevant authorities such as the Public Works Department (JKR) to find the best solution to the problem.

“Perhaps the entrance to the ferry can be changed a little, making it one lane only,” Razaili suggested, adding that other suggestions can be discussed to ensure the journey of all ferry users was smooth.

For instance, he said that members of the public had suggested for People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela) or police personnel to be present in the event of extreme congestion such as during festive seasons, holidays, Fridays, and Sundays.

“I hope that this issue will be resolved immediately,” he said.

Another matter he brought up was for the public toilets at the ferry base to be well-maintained by those responsible to ensure the comfort of coastal road users.

According to Razaili, many had complained that the toilets were dirty and there was no water supply.