Stage buses now ferrying vaccine recipients

Lee (4th right) and others showing a bus provided by Curtin University to transport vaccine recipients to the PPV upon their arrival at the entrance for the vaccination.

MIRI: Stage buses in the city have started their services to ferry vaccine recipients to seven vaccination centres (PPVs).

On Wednesday, Minister of Transport Datuk Lee Kim Shin rode a stage bus to monitor the route to the Curtin University Vaccination Centre from the Miri City Centre at Pelita Tunku.

“The route has been specially planned to facilitate those who wish to go by bus to Curtin University for the jabs. Other routes have also been introduced for the other vaccination centres in Miri,” said Lee.

Vaccine recipients can also take the stage buses to PPV Eastwood Valley Hall, PPV Miri Hospital, PPVAZ IKBN Miri, PPVHS Borneo Medical Centre and PPVHS KPJ Permyjaya Centre.

This initiative is being implemented under the Ministry of Transport Sarawak (MOTS) flat rate bus fare of RM1 programme.

For those to the PPV Curtin University Hall, they will be dropped off at a bus stop at Perkasa Utama Road before boarding another bus provided by Curtin University to the campus area.

For next stop, they will be dropped off at the PPV’s entrance upon arrival at the Curtin University Hall.

A stage bus at Pelita Tunku in Jalan Padang, will transport those going to various vaccination centres in Miri City.