Supermarkets in Mukah checking shoppers’ vaccination status

A shopper (fourth right) showing her vaccination status on her smartphone as others look on.

MUKAH: Supermarkets here are now checking the Covid-19 vaccination status of shoppers as one of the standard operating procedures (SOP) before allowing them to enter the premises.

Rightfully, this should be the practice amid soaring cases in Sarawak daily in the past few days.

New Sarawak Tribune on Thursday (Aug 19) visited one such supermarket implementing this SOP.

A staff on duty requested that customers show proof of their vaccination status, either by displaying the digital certificate from their smartphones, or their vaccination cards.

There was not much problem as all the customers obliged to the request – a win-win situation for both parties in helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

A middle-aged shopper, who preferred anonymity, said this should be the practice as supermarkets are one of the most crowded places.

“We must act responsibly and follow SOP, which is for our own good.

“Although cases in this district are comparatively low, we must not be complacent.”