Representatives of the houses receiving the food supply from Tatau firefighters.

TATAU: A total of 407 packs of food supply have been delivered to thirteen longhouses in Kakus constituency yesterday.

According to State Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) assistant operations director Tiong Ling Hii, the food supply delivery mission was divided into 2 operations carried out by Tatau fire and rescue station (BBP) firefighters from as early as 8.40am.

He noted that the first mission included three firefighters along with three non-governmental organisation (NGO) members who drove to Rumah Samun, Penyarai Data Kakus about 117KM away.

Upon arrival, the six longhouses namely Rumah Samun, Rumah Billy Biching, Rumah Kanyan, Rumah Sekaya, Rumah Nyuan and Rumah Lasok, received their 122 packs.

The second food supply delivery mission was carried out by five Tatau firefighters and two NGO members who drove to Kakus approximately 215 KM  away.

The seven longhouses, Rumah Ado, Rumah Jayan, Rumah Jeffery, Rumah Kiah, Rumah Arjey and Rumah Sylvester Bunsu, and Rumah Sujang received a total of 285 food packs.