Thumbs-up to cashless transactions at Sarawak’s biggest central market

Abang Johari makes a payment through the Sarawak Pay App. Photo: Ghazali Bujang

SIBU: The Sibu Central Market is unique in that it houses more than 1,000 stalls.

It is Sarawak’s biggest and among the country’s largest and it would certainly make sense to promote cashless transactions in this market.

Joseph Chieng

Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) councillor Joseph Chieng said the central market is very a good place for hawkers to promote their business through the Sarawak Pay cashless payment mode.

“In fact, it is an economic trend worldwide to conduct cashless business transactions.

“The cashless payment is also easier to manage during the current Covid-19 pandemic period where people need not to have money physically. They just need to pay via Sarawak Pay which is cashless payment,” he said on Wednesday (Sept 16).

With free WiFi available at the market, hawkers and buyers can access the internet easily, he added.

Elson Tie

“It is a very unique move for the benefit of hawkers and customers. As you know, every day many people visit the market and it is risky to carry cash because of pickpockets around,” said another councillor, Elson Tie.

To avoid money being stolen just use Sarawak Pay as it is very easy and convenient if we want to buy things, he said.

“Nowadays without WiFi it is very inconvenient for us to send messages or communicate with others. With free Wifi at the market it is so convenient for us to communicate with each other,” said Tie.

For example, in the event of an accident at the market we can immediately send messages or summon the police, he said.

Albert Tiang

For councillor Albert Tiang, Sarawak Pay provides a convenient cashless platform for hawkers and shoppers.

“First it breaks the Covid-19 chain by avoiding virus being transmitted via cash. Second, it is safer for both hawkers and shoppers’ wallets since no cash is involved,” he said.