Thumbs-up to CCTVs

KUCHING: The Ministry Local Government and Housing will collaborate with Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) to install 800 CCTVs at 200 locations in Kuching.

The installations are expected to be completed by the end of this year.

Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian said this is part of an initiative under the Smart City digital economic sector agenda.

The CCTVs are aimed at improving the quality of life in urban areas; create an environment is safe from crime and vandalism, and provide early flood warnings.

People who were asked about the move by the ministry generally reacted positively to it. In fact, they were happy that the authorities concerned were concerned about public welfare and safety.

Mohd Aidil Aswandy Mazlan


The good thing about the CCTV installation in Batu Kawa, or elsewhere, is that it is for the safety of the people. We can prevent criminal activities like shoplifting or stealing and also keep a lookout for floods or road accidents.

Roslan Saleh


The installation of the CCTV can prevent any mishaps from happening, like hit-and-run accidents and robberies. I think it is a good to install cameras here. Other than that, people will also be more careful on the road when they drive around the city.

Eren Setel


I think that with the CCTVs, it will create a safer environment for people living in the urban area. Crimes can be prevented and the video footage from the cameras can be used as evidence. So installing CCTVs in the Batu Kawa area is really a good thing.

Mohd Radzri


The installation of CCTVs will improve the monitoring of traffic jams and criminal activities. I am glad that this initiative was introduced because I fear for the safety of myself and my family whenever we go out, especially at night.

Mohammad Yuzairul


It is hoped that the installation of CCTVs will not only ensure the safety of traders in the area, but also visitors and tourists. CCTV cameras are important in preventing criminal activities and to help increase the efficiency of law enforcement agencies. But this initiative should also be expanded further to other areas or cities in the state, especially crime-prone areas.