Training complex to enhance Army’s urban combat skills

Army personnel are seen making use of the training complex to improve their urban combat skills.

LUNDU: The first ‘Operations in Build Up Areas’ (OBUA) training complex in Sarawak, has been constructed at the Sampadi Target Range here.

Zamrose signs on a plaque to symbolically officiate the opening of the first ZAMZOV Training Complex in Lundu.

A spokesman for the First Infantry Division said the training complex named ZAMZOV (Zamrose Mohd Zain Obua Village), was the brainchild of Army chief General Tan Sri Datuk Zamrose Mohd Zain when he held the position of Third Eastern Field Army Commander.

The complex is intended as a training ground for army personnel in Sarawak to improve their urban combat skills.

Zamrose officiated at the opening of ZAMZOV complex in conjunction with his working visit to Sarawak today (July 3).

The ceremony was held in full compliance with the standard operating procedures (SOP) of the movement control order (MCO).

Zamrose gives the thumbs up to army personnel who will be taking the OBUA training complex for a round of training.

“The construction of the complex was carried out by the Third Squadron team of the Royal Army Engineers Regiment. It took 150 days to be constructed and it was completed on Oct 30 last year.

“The construction of the training infrastructure is in line with the First Milestone of the 28th Army Chief Supreme Order namely ‘Mission Continuity and Readiness’.

“This milestone emphasises the efforts to enhance the capability and readiness of the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) in carrying out any mission and operation,” Zamrose said.