SARAWAK’S OWN … Come Sarawak Day 2020 this Wednesday TV3 will telecast live at 9pm a special programme on Sarawak’s own hip-hop group shown here, The FamilyMan, that has released their first music video ‘Tok Bok Sarawak’. Shown here with Nurafizah Busman are (from left) Farhan Bolhassan (Farhan Noxious) Khairuzie (Big Daddy G), and Reduan Sapuan (Mc Wayne). The host of Sarawak Day this year is Miri.

KUCHING: Sarawak’s own hip-hop group The FamilyMan is excited about the first release of their music video, Tok Bok Sarawak, to be telecast live in a special programme for Sarawak Day 2020 celebration on TV3 at 9pm this Wednesday (July 22).

Composed by the trio themselves and lyricist Adeep Nahar, The FamilyMan said the release of the video would mark their journey as the first local hip-hop group participating in such a special programme.

“We are extremely excited to unveil this music video which was filmed at a few interesting spots in Kuching and Miri.

“We hope the video would not only help promote the beauty of our state, but also pays tribute to all Sarawakian youth,” said the group lead singer, Khairuzie Bolhassan, to New Sarawak Tribune today (July 19th).

Khairuzie — better known by his stage name Big Daddy G — also hoped their appearance on television would help to lift up the spirits of Sarawakians.

“We hope this song can be as a catalyst for Sarawakians, especially our youth, to keep moving forward and continue to work hard. We have our own state inspirations such as Pandalela Rinong and Henry Golding. No matter how far or close they are from this land, they always have the Land of the Hornbill in their hearts,” he said.

Formed in 2011, The FamilyMan comprising Khairuzie (Big Daddy G), Farhan Bolhassan (Farhan Noxious) and Reduan Sapuan (Mc Wayne) is one of Sarawak’s most prominent groups of rappers, producers and musicians.