Upgrading for five Kota Samarahan roundabouts

Location of the existing five roundabouts in Samarahan.

By Alverdtekoster Anyap

KUCHING: Five roundabouts along the Kuching-Samarahan Road will be upgraded.

This was announced by Assistant Minister of Infrastructure and Port Development Datuk Julaihi Narawi.

Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang JohariTun Openg officiated at the ground breaking event to commence the upgrading works at Kota Samarahan.

Community leaders from Samarahan were happy with the government’s initiative to upgrade the roundabouts as it would make the journey to and back from Kuching more comfortable.

New Sarawak Tribune spoke to some community leaders and found out they were mostly happy and satisfied with the upgrading and hoped that the project would give positive impact to them in in the future.

Suip Jelani

Suip Jelani, 66, Batu Perak ketua kaum

‘I am proud and satisfied with the upgrading project along the road. This will make it easier for people to drive with less traffic congestion. People from Samarahan, including myself, support the government’s effort.’

Elen Mustapha

Elen Mustapha, 56, Kpg Sungai Mata penghulu

‘I hope the upgrading project will go smoothly so that people from Samarahan will be able to use this road with less traffic congestion. In the future, I hope the government will help out more as Samarahan is not only known as an education hub but also has a potential to be an agricultural hub too.’

Wan Ahun Wan Seman

Wan Ahun Wan Seman, 72, Kpg Tanjung Bundong ketua kaum

“I have high hopes for this project because it is hard for us. With the project, it will make our journey more comfortable from Samarahan to Kuching and back. When this is completed, I hope many government departments will be established in Samarahan, making it easier for people here to take care of things.”