Use relaxation of travel restrictions wisely

Abdul Yakub (front table, centre) and others at the event.

BALINGIAN: The permission given by the authorities in allowing inter-district and inter-state travel should be utilised wisely, says Balingian assemblyman Abdul Yakub Arbi.

“We must always ensure that we take care of ourselves whenever we go out.

“Always follow the standard operating procedures (SOP) in place to ensure that we and our families are not infected by Covid-19,” he said when officiating at the Balingian sub-district Information Department Sepakat@Komuniti programme here on Thursday (Oct 21).

The programme was organised to appreciate the frontliners, volunteers and others involved directly or indirectly in helping to contain Covid-19.

Abdul Yakub congratulated Mukah Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) for having achieved the 80 per cent target rate of adult vaccination.

He said the actual rate achieved obviously exceeded the target – over 90 percent, as mentioned by acting Mukah Division Resident Shafrie Saili earlier.

He added that currently, immunisation was being carried out for those aged from 12 to 17.

Rizalman Daim, who represented Balingian sub-district information officer, and assistant administrative officer Abdul Malik Talip also attended the event.