Woman claims punched, injured by brother-in-law

MIRI: A woman in her early 30’s from Luak claimed that her brother-in-law punched and beat her during a commotion that occurred on Monday morning.

The woman, who is at her early pregnancy stage, claimed that the incident occurred around 4am (Aug 20).

Prior to the incident, upon her arrival at the house, her brother-in-law was already in a disarranged stage.

Commotion arose few minutes later, and during the quarrel, it was believed that the brother-in-law had punched her on the face.

Due to the incident, the complainant sustained injuries on her lips and face.

Fortunately, the complainant’s husband arrived at the house.

During the commotion, the brother-in-law fled off the scene riding on a motorcycle.

A police report was immediately lodged after the incident.