100% sponsorship for 100 students

MUKAH: Polytechnic Mukah Sarawak (PMU) will have 100 students given 100% sponsorship following the signing of a collaboration with Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LKW) yesterday.

The three-year collaboration covers several aspects, namely, offering up to 100 percent sponsorship for the B40 group at the degree level based on terms and conditions, offering “Global Campus” place  for 100 students to complete the two-week exposure at its London Campus based on groups, to provide Inbound Mobility Programme for two weeks based on groups at its Cyberjaya Campus, academic cooperation for the staff, attending and fulfilling invitations to conferences, seminars or workshops organised by both parties(if related) and any other field of  collaboration agreed upon by the two entities.

The signatories of the Certificate of Collaboration (CoC ) were PMU director associate Lt Col (PA) Abdubrani Yunus, on behalf of PMU and Limkokwing vice president Datuk Raja Aznil Raja Hisham for the university.

The event was the first collaboration between the two educational centres, with both sides expressing their confidence and commitment to make it a fruitful one.

They also attested to the fact that PMU and LWK have a similar strength especially in terms of developing and promoting TVET within the local talents.

According to Aznil, LKW is Malaysia’s most globalised university with campuses in three continents of Asia, Europe and Africa with 30,000 students worldwide from 160 countries.

“LKW is a creative, stimulating place that does not fit into any mould of what a university should be. This is a dynamic, multi-cultural congregation of young, enthusiastic creative minds, supported by a mixed group of experienced faculty and industry professionals,” he said.

He added that anywhere in the world, LKW campus was an ever-changing environment shaped by the response and ideas from the young about their expectations and expressions of life.

“It operates in a pressurised environment that overturns traditions and wherever possible reengineers its delivery to enable the university to stay relevant to market demands and industry trends. The university understands the potential of the young, appreciates their differences and their strength and seeks to build confidence in themselves. The university works to unlock their creative abilities. It also celebrates their individuality and gives them freedom to express,” added Aznil.

He reminded that in the 21st century changes comes fast and furious, in which many organisations require a mindset that is extra-ordinarily alert, savvy with latest technology, relentless in seeking new solutions and courage in undertaking incredible risks to benefit rewards.

“In short, the employable graduates are not those armed only with paper qualifications. They must be able to adapt, work with others and posses the desire to acquire knowledge, skills and competency,” disclosed Aznil.

On the collaboration, he pointed that Mukah has a great potential of becoming an established industrial centre especially with the completion of the new airport in the near future.

At the same time, Abdubrani thanked LKW for choosing PMU as the university was a global player in the field and hoped both sides would benefit from the collaboration.

“We are looking forward with great interest and we are indeed very excited to have the collaboration with a renowned global university like LKW,” he said.