A dessert added with tablespoon of ‘love’

Freshly steamed putu piring.

KUCHING: ‘Putu piring’, a fragrant palm-sized round dessert made from rice flour, melted ‘gula apong’ (nipah palm sugar) and freshly grated coconut, and pressed onto a small piece of banana leaf, is a dessert loved by Malaysians of all races.

Some claim that the dessert originated from the Indian Muslims who emigrated to Melaka and settled in Tanjung Keling, while others say it is a version of the Ceylonese delicacy ‘putu kolah’.

In Kuching nowadays, it is not easy to find putu piring sellers but, thanks to Razak Hamdan and his family, the item is readily available.

Although he had just started selling putu piring with a capital of RM5,000 last year, Razak already has many loyal customers who will line up at his stall every weekend.

Further elaborating, this young entrepreneur said their business was named “Putu Piring Ibuk” as a tribute to the services of four aunts (also known as ibuk by locals) who had helped his family in the business.

Razak said his family had been making putu piring using their own utensils for the past nine years. Nevertheless, they only make the desserts only when needed for family gatherings and other occasions.

Putu piring being steamed.

“This dessert is rarely found sold in stalls nowadays because it is quite complicated to make.

“Maybe that’s why many young people are less interested in making this dessert.

“My family decided to sell this dessert because it is one of our favourite desserts,” he said.

During the various restrictions due to the Covid-19, he usually runs his business from home and at time provides delivery services to customers, Razak explained.

He added that he intended to open branches throughout the state as his putu piring also received high demand from people living outside Kuching area.

“I am very pleased to work with relevant government agencies that can offer me assistance in terms of marketing, production and so on,” he explained.

Asked what was his trade secret, the Kampung Pulo Hilir resident quipped that a tablespoon of ‘love’ was added to their putu piring.

Razak’s putu piring, which is priced at RM3 for four pieces and RM5 for seven pieces, goes perfectly well with tea.

Operating every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm, the public can contact Razak at 017-5075303 or visit the Bazaar Rakyat Sarawakku Sayang (BROSS) Facebook page to make reservations.