Affordable, wallet-friendly sushi from RM1 in Kota Samarahan
By:Annabell Naja Tommy
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KOTA SAMARAHAN: Sushi, the Japanese dish is simply irresistible especially as the cheap price being offered makes people wanting to have more.

Yes, located at Samarahan, is where 23-year-old Abdul Rahman Annuar is selling the Japanese dish for only RM1 each.

He runs his Sushi Tungam・ stall in front of Lorong 5 in Taman Desa Ilmu, opposite Block A apartment in Taman Desa Ilmu, here.

Last year saw him starting his sushi business, which originated from his wife and he only helped out to support their family’s expenses.

“I only do this sushi business on a part-time basis to fill my spare time because my wife and I each work,” he told New Sarawak Tribune.

He added he and his wife run the stall every Saturday and Sunday and sometimes during events being held nearby in the Kota Samarahan area, from 3pm until 6pm.

“I have a helper at home when processing our sales items. If there is an event, my wife and I hire several workers to help process the sushi at home and at the event site. When I sell on the weekend, my wife and mother-in-law also help.

The challenges, he faced throughout his business, is that he is worried about the unpredictable weather conditions.

“This is because sometimes it rains and sometimes it’s hot and I sell by the side of the road,” he said.

He revealed that when preparing sushi items for sale, the challenge faced is that there is always not enough time to process sushi because sushi making is very complicated.

It is also inevitable that they raised the price of some types of sushi from RM1.80 to RM2 because prices of some of the sushi ingredients went up, such as the sushi rice.

As for the RM 1 sushi they do not increase the price because RM1 sushi is the main menu for their sushi sales.

“My daily business routine is to prepare things before starting business. Clean myself before starting work. Wake up early to make sushi toppings and cook sushi rice.

“Make sushi, roll it with seaweed and put the prepared toppings. After everything is done, the sushi is ready for on sale. Usually, sushi lasts only one day,” said Abdul Rahman, who is a full time worker.

However on his weekends off, he fills his free time by selling sushi to help his wife in order to have savings in the future.

“I would like to thank my wife, family and friends for giving me a lot of encouragement and support that I cannot express throughout my business,” he added.

He said thus far he and his wife have only promoted sushi on social media such as through WhatsApp and Facebook.

“If there is luck and we get a lot of response, I will promote our sushi through Grab Food”, he said.

His aspiration is to be able to establish a sushi company one day besides planning to open their present business daily.

“My message to the small traders out there, don’t give up easily. Believe in God. We must accept criticism from customers with an open heart,” he said.

Customers can visit Abdul Rahman’s Facebook or call him at 014-2053944 or 012-8715053 for more information.

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