Dialogue on current issues in Dalat

Syahrulizan (second left) hands over a notice on proposed activities to Saga while others look on.

MUKAH: The local District Information Department and Dalat police today exchanged views on various current issues during a visit by the former to the latter in Dalat.

Mukah District Information officer Syahrulizan Madian, during the visit, said he also informed Dalat district police chief DSP Saga Chunggat that part of the department’s jurisdiction covers Dalat.

He said this is because the administration of Mukah District Information Department is based on areas under the Tellian State constituency.

“The Dalat police chief welcomes our department’s gesture for the exchange of views pertaining to current issues including drug abuse, which is part of our efforts in educating the public on security matters,” he said after the visit.

He added that the visit also discussed on how both agencies could cooperate in organising joint-programmes related to drug abuse.

Syahrulizan said Saga has expressed his willingness to cooperate with the information department in an effort to combat drug abuse effectively.

He said the Dalat police chief also stressed that drugs are enemies which could destroy the nation, especially the younger generation.