Financial aid readily available for sports activities

Abdul Karim (centre) alongside other dignitaries and participants of the Sports Carnival New Talent Search 2021 held at Asajaya Sports Complex, here on Saturday.

ASAJAYA: The state government is ready to provide financial assistance for constituents here to participate in sports activities such as obstacle races held throughout the state.

Speaking at the Sports Carnival New Talent Search 2021 closing ceremony at Asajaya Sports Complex, here, Asajaya assemblyman Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said he noticed the popularity for sports activities such as arm wrestling in his constituency in addition to a few villages here having its own gymnasium.

“That is why in the last two years, I have seen many youth in Asajaya becoming more muscular as they have been working out.

“From there, we can see that there is indeed an interest in healthy activities such as this that we can develop and organise.

InsyaAllah, if any assistance is needed from me or from the MP of this area, we are ready to help the sports club and also those who are interested in sports,” he said in his speech on Saturday (Jan 2).

He said a good example is the Spartan Race which was previously held multiple times in the state with its steep participation fees.

“Although the fees are quite high, if there are representatives from Asajaya who want to be involved with this programme or competition, InsyaAllah, we will arrange to ensure that the fees will be funded,” he assured.

Abdul Karim added that he intended to continue organising the worldwide Spartan Race as it can help the state’s effort to spur up its tourism activities in addition to the race being synonymous with Sarawak with its beautiful forests and hills, suitable for sports activities involving extreme activities.

“Despite not being able to organise the race last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the state, we are hoping to arrange another Spartan Race again in 2021.

On the Spartan Community Workout activity held during the event, he believed that it could spark interests amongst residents here and increase their knowledge on Spartan brand sports activities.

“When the Spartan Race competition or any sports related to the Spartan brand is held, those who are already exposed to this programme may participate in more of these activities,” he added.