Food baskets for 611 in Tellian

Lajo (right) presenting the contribution to one of the recipients, Albert Pendek, at Kampung Tellian Ulu Multipurpose Hall yesterday.

MUKAH: The Village Development and Security Committees (JKKKs) of Kampung Tellian Ulu, Tengah, and Tellian Laut distributed 611 food baskets under the Prime Minister’s Special Aid (through Mukah MP Datuk Hanifah Hajar Taib) yesterday.

The villages are within the Tellian constituency.

The distribution of the 611 food baskets in the three villages was managed by the respective JKKKs.

The food baskets were delivered to every door in Kampung Tellian Laut, while in Kampung Tellian Ulu and Tengah it was distributed to recipients at the respective villages’ multipurpose halls.

According to the ketua kaum (KK) from the three villages, William Lajo (Tellian Ulu KK), Bonaveture Juana (Tellian Tengah KK), and Sedi Tawi (Tellian Laut KK), 254 heads of households in Tellian Ulu, 218 in Tellian Tengah, and 139 in Tellian Laut received the food baskets.

Ketua masyarakat of Kampung Tellian, Penghulu Anthony Samti expressed his gratitude to Hanifah for the food baskets.

He said that this was the second time that residents in Kampung Tellian were receiving food baskets from her — first during the movement control order (MCO) and now under conditional movement control order (CMCO) periods.

Samti advised residents in Kampung Tellian to always comply with the CMCO and maintain social distancing.

A total of 254 food baskets were presented to heads of households in Kampung Tellian Ulu.