Jabs for longhouse folk in Kanowit

A former logging road that connects Nanga Jagau with other areas in the Kanowit district.

SIBU: The Combat Medic Vaccination Team (CMVT) from the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) will carry out its vaccination mission in two areas of Ulu Sungai Ngemah in Kanowit on July 8.

The Commander of the 9th Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Shamshor Jaafar revealed this when met by the media at the vaccination centre (PPV) at the Sibu Islamic Welfare Trust Board (LAKIS) Hall on Sunday (June 27).

He explained that the two areas were the Nanga Ngungun and Nanga Jagau resettlement schemes in the Rajang Security Command (Rascom) areas in Kanowit.

“We have received a list of the residents’ names to carry out the vaccination process.

“There are more than 2,000 vaccine recipients in Nanga Ngungun and around 400 vaccine recipients in Nanga Jagau,” he said.

Shamshor explained that the CMVT team was expected to complete the vaccination process within three to four days in both areas.

He said for Nanga Ngungun, a static vaccination centre (PPV) would also be set up for residents who came from longhouses outside the resettlement scheme.

A view of longhouses in Nanga Jagau.

During the vaccination mission, he said the CMVT would visit every longhouse in Nanga Ngungun to vaccinate its residents.

“We have no problems going to a remote location like Nanga Jagau.

“The CMVT will use Land Rovers and it will be assisted by four-wheel drive vehicles from the Kanowit District Office,” he said.

Shamshor revealed that a coordination meeting would be held next week with the district office.

Nanga Jagau has 21 longhouses only accessible by rivers   and former logging roads while Nanga Ngungun has over 40 longhouses which are connected by the Kanowit-Song-Kapit Road.