KUCHING: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of face masks has become mandatory for the public when going out to public areas.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi announced in the parliament sitting that the price of face masks will be reduced to RM1.20 per unit from RM1.50 per unit.

The new price makes face masks more affordable, which will allow those from the B40 and M40 groups to purchase them in line with the mandatory wearing of face masks in public areas.

In view of this, New Sarawak Tribune asked the public for their opinions on the new price for face masks — whether or not it is sold at a reasonable price or should it be reduced even lower.

Alya Batrisyia

ALYA BATRISYIA, 21, student

Since the wearing face masks has now become compulsory, I believe that the price should be further reduced as it might burden the public to fork out money for face masks, especially those in the B40 group.

Juzaina Ramali

JUZAINA RAMALI, 36, sales representative

The reduced price is still expensive because we have to use it every time and those with lower income will have trouble buying them. I think if the price could be reduced to around 50 sen per mask, it would be more reasonable.

Mohd Zulfadhli

MOHD ZULFADLI, 25, ramp assistant

The price of the mask could be reduced to RM1 per mask so it would be more affordable to everyone. It is a matter of protection and it involves everyone so we should not forget about those who can’t afford to buy face masks.

Kenny Tchee

KENNY TCHEE, 29, manager

I think the price should be maintained, because if it is reduced then it would be a problem for those selling face masks. Maybe the government could help subsidise the mask so it will be beneficial for both sellers and customers.

Muhammad Azwan Azahari


I believe that the price for each mask should be reduced even lower so that it could be affordable to everyone. Face masks have become a necessity so if it is affordable for everyone, then it will make Kuching a safer place.

Nurjannah Mohammad Mustapha


I think the price should be reduced as the B40 income group has other commitments and with the current price, it might be a burden to them. I think setting the price at RM1 is more reasonable for everyone.