Mixed reactions to rural lockdown

By Crystal Wong

KUCHING: The State Disaster Management Committee (SMDC) placed Kapit and Song districts under the movement control order (MCO) for 14 days yesterday.

The decision was made following an increase in Covid-19 cases in these two areas.

The MCO starts from Feb 2 until Feb 15.

The lockdown has drawn mixed reactions from the villagers who are affected.

Most agreed that it was important to have a lockdown in rural areas to contain the virus from spreading further while some were against the idea, saying they were unable to sell their goods. 

Leona Safarita

Leona Safarita, student from Song

Some villagers do not believe that Covid-19 is deadly. I can actually see a handful of people ignoring the government’s advice to stay at home. They take things so lightly and still choose not to wear masks whenever they are out.

Rosdi Air

Rosdi Air,Shop helper, Kapit

The number of new cases yesterday was high. It is really important to have a lockdown even in rural areas to stop this virus from spreading. 

Norita Taket

Norita Taket, housewife, Kapit

I hope the lockdown can contain the spread of the virus and keep the number of cases down. People in my area are still not following the standard operating procedures. They are still going in and out and not observing social distancing. I wonder if this virus will end even if the vaccines are given.

Adrianna Eluis

Adrianna Eluis, shop part timer, Kapit

 My village is running low on stocks. When there is a lockdown, people do not show up in market places anymore to buy goods. Because of this, my family’s income has declined. We all suffer each time there is a lockdown. I hope the government is able to come up with a solution to help us in the near future.